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Choosing Beggars - Petty actions, Bad magician, Neighbor doesn't pay

three short choosing beggar stories

Entitled Parents - Only 1 kid & let her color

two short stories of entitled parents

Choosing Beggars - Reverse & Ice Cream

two stories about choosing beggars

Choosing Beggars - $500 Commitment & cricket cards buyer

Stories of Apparently anything less than a $500/year commitment isn't good enough for Doctors Without Borders and CB cricket cards buyer

Choosing Beggars - Family Lender & Gift Hording

two choosing beggar stores about lending money to family and a sister that wants all the gifts

Choosing Beggars - Air BnB & Need Gas

two short stories of choosing beggars

Choosing Beggars - Famous Logo, Overheard it, Free Food

three stores of choosing beggars

Choosing Beggars - $10 Extra & Give me 55k

two choosing beggar stories

Choosing Beggars - Free artwork, No job work for pennies, Super Beggar

a collection of short choosing beggar stories

Entitled Parents - fellow passenger & cosplay fox

two short stories about entitled parents

Choosing Beggars - $3 charity, Unpaid Mechanic, Mom had a stroke

a longer episode about haggling for charity, a mechanic nearly not being paid, and some using moms medical fund to travel.

Choosing Beggars - CB meet CB, Coworker's sister, watch her dog

CB meets another CB, Coworker's sister wants her to plan her sons birthday and pay for it all, and I will never watch her dog again

Choosing Beggars - free croissant & false shooter claim

two short stories about a free croissant & false shooter claim

Choosing Beggars - Change your dogs name & grocery shopping

a few short stories about choosing beggars demanding a dogs name get changed and refusing to work

Choosing Beggars - Free Vacation, Surfing Beggar, Accidental Hooker

a longer episode about a free vacation that isn't good enough, surfing lesson, and accidentally picking up a hooker.

Choosing Beggars - CB demands a discount, Puppy Fix, I can't wait in line

a short episode about discount demands, puppy adopters, and someone who just cant wait in line.

Choosing Beggars - Hungry, Free Money, Pay Me

Choosing beggar homeless person, another Karen, donate for proof of education

Choosing Beggars - free party food & you should pay for it

two choosing beggar stories

Entitled Parents - Bill's IQ, deserves my car, showing drugs

a short story about Bill and two stories of entitled parents

Entitled Parents - my family is dead, work sitter, Vegan Meat

a collection of stories about entitles parents

Choosing Beggars - Jackpot, £5 and a pizza, free smoothie

A set of stories about choosing beggars.

Letsnotmeet - Mothers telephone & Witch in the woods

An episode of letsnotmeet detailing two stories one of a man who wanted to use the phone and another of the witch in the woods.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk - No one told me, 2am cancel, fee of pleasure

A short collection of takes from the front desk

Nuclear Revenge - Contractor Destruction, Burning Down The Lexis

Nuclear revenge about a contractor that stole money and the theft of a parking spot

Choosing Beggars - The Ex Wife, Fishy Fees, Aero Care

a few stories about choosing beggars

idontworkherelady - Used to, my daughter, early 90s, the expert

a collection of stories from idontworkherelady

Choosing Beggars - Bill's Scam

A short story of Bill a guy I know.

Choosing Beggars - Ex Scarf & The Window Fitter

a few short choosing beggar stories

idontworkherelady - Karen Mistakes Me For The Hired Help

Karen Mistakes Me For The Hired Help.

Choosing Beggars - Free board games & Give me $10

two short stores about board games and cash

Yaupon Cove Property Owners Association Final Summary

Yaupon Cove Property Owners Association Final Summary

Choosing Beggars - Karen, Two Pounds, Rejected

A set of short stories from choosing beggars

Choosing Beggars - A Ripoff Company

A short story about a carpenter who learned a hard lesson about terrible employers

Entitled Parents - I'm not watching your kids on MY 18th birthday

I'm not watching your kids on MY 18th birthday

Missed Connections - Constipated, I bit your penis, Taco Bell

A few short missed connections from around the world.

Missed Connection - Gambling on a fart #funny

A short story about first date that ended with crap.

ChoosingBeggars - Free logos, My Money, Pay Me #reddit #choosingbeggars

A short episode of choosing beggars about the demand for free logos, my dads money is my money, and you should pay me to take your phone.

Missed Connections & Choosing Beggars - Nice forearms, I'll kill myself, No reminders

A few missed connections from craigslist and of course more choosing beggars.

I am Very Smart & Bridezillas - Troglodyte, Segregated wedding, Pay per attendance

An episode detailing a few short stories from Reddit iamverysmart and bridezillas.

ChoosingBeggars - Free Photography, Need a farm, 10k<200

An episode detailing a few choice choosingbeggars. Searching for a free veteran photographer, need a horse farm for free, 10k for 200 NOW.

Choosing Beggars & Rude Beggars - Extra Free, Seller Beware, Pretend Homeless

A episode detailing a few select stories from Reddit. A person expecting extras at a restaurant for free, a buyer buying for less than selling price but asking for additional hardware, and people pretending to be homeless to make a buck and attempt free rent.

Choosing Beggars - DTF, Baby shower, Serious Cuddles No Monogamy

A short episode telling the stories of a woman's demanding Tinder profile, an entitled expecting mother, and a man looking for serious cuddles without monogamy.

Choosing Beggars - Personal Ads, Sales, and Inheritance

Three stories selected from Choosing Beggars on Reddit. A raciest personal ad, typical something for nothing buyer, and begging for Inheritance.

Bad Customer No Biscuit

A short story about a customer I had recently

Entergy Recommends Soured Milk

A rant and short story about the unannounced all day power outage in my town yesterday that was scheduled weeks ago but they failed to notify us.

Depressing Headlines

A short compilation of the weeks depressing headlines

Trump Trump Trump

A quick rant about today's headlines and politics

Facebook & No Lube

Comical jabs at Facebook, Facebook marketplace, and people that use Facebook a bit too much

Welfare Junkies

Why shouldn't we drug test for welfare?

Bill's Special Jar

A short story about Bill's special jar.


Two short stories of true WTF

Choosing Beggars - Vanity

A short story read from Choosing Beggars on Reddit, the story is about a man having a yard sale that posted about it on Facebook. A Choosing Beggar expected him to deliver and set up an item.

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