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Choosing Beggars - Petty actions, Bad magician, Neighbor doesn't pay

three short choosing beggar stories

Entitled Parents - Only 1 kid & let her color

two short stories of entitled parents

Choosing Beggars - Reverse & Ice Cream

two stories about choosing beggars

Choosing Beggars - $500 Commitment & cricket cards buyer

Stories of Apparently anything less than a $500/year commitment isn't good enough for Doctors Without Borders and CB cricket cards buyer

Choosing Beggars - Family Lender & Gift Hording

two choosing beggar stores about lending money to family and a sister that wants all the gifts

Choosing Beggars - Air BnB & Need Gas

two short stories of choosing beggars

Choosing Beggars - Famous Logo, Overheard it, Free Food

three stores of choosing beggars

Choosing Beggars - $10 Extra & Give me 55k

two choosing beggar stories

Choosing Beggars - Free artwork, No job work for pennies, Super Beggar

a collection of short choosing beggar stories

Entitled Parents - fellow passenger & cosplay fox

two short stories about entitled parents

Choosing Beggars - $3 charity, Unpaid Mechanic, Mom had a stroke

a longer episode about haggling for charity, a mechanic nearly not being paid, and some using moms medical fund to travel.

Choosing Beggars - CB meet CB, Coworker's sister, watch her dog

CB meets another CB, Coworker's sister wants her to plan her sons birthday and pay for it all, and I will never watch her dog again

Choosing Beggars - free croissant & false shooter claim

two short stories about a free croissant & false shooter claim

Choosing Beggars - Change your dogs name & grocery shopping

a few short stories about choosing beggars demanding a dogs name get changed and refusing to work

Choosing Beggars - Free Vacation, Surfing Beggar, Accidental Hooker

a longer episode about a free vacation that isn't good enough, surfing lesson, and accidentally picking up a hooker.

Choosing Beggars - CB demands a discount, Puppy Fix, I can't wait in line

a short episode about discount demands, puppy adopters, and someone who just cant wait in line.

Choosing Beggars - Hungry, Free Money, Pay Me

Choosing beggar homeless person, another Karen, donate for proof of education

Choosing Beggars - free party food & you should pay for it

two choosing beggar stories

Entitled Parents - Bill's IQ, deserves my car, showing drugs

a short story about Bill and two stories of entitled parents

Entitled Parents - my family is dead, work sitter, Vegan Meat

a collection of stories about entitles parents

Choosing Beggars - Jackpot, £5 and a pizza, free smoothie

A set of stories about choosing beggars.

Letsnotmeet - Mothers telephone & Witch in the woods

An episode of letsnotmeet detailing two stories one of a man who wanted to use the phone and another of the witch in the woods.

TalesFromTheFrontDesk - No one told me, 2am cancel, fee of pleasure

A short collection of takes from the front desk

Nuclear Revenge - Contractor Destruction, Burning Down The Lexis

Nuclear revenge about a contractor that stole money and the theft of a parking spot

Choosing Beggars - The Ex Wife, Fishy Fees, Aero Care

a few stories about choosing beggars

idontworkherelady - Used to, my daughter, early 90s, the expert

a collection of stories from idontworkherelady

Choosing Beggars - Bill's Scam

A short story of Bill a guy I know.

Choosing Beggars - Ex Scarf & The Window Fitter

a few short choosing beggar stories

idontworkherelady - Karen Mistakes Me For The Hired Help

Karen Mistakes Me For The Hired Help.

Choosing Beggars - Free board games & Give me $10

two short stores about board games and cash

Choosing Beggars - Karen, Two Pounds, Rejected

A set of short stories from choosing beggars

Yaupon Cove Property Owners Association Final Summary

Yaupon Cove Property Owners Association Final Summary

Choosing Beggars - A Ripoff Company

A short story about a carpenter who learned a hard lesson about terrible employers

Entitled Parents - I'm not watching your kids on MY 18th birthday

I'm not watching your kids on MY 18th birthday

Missed Connections - Constipated, I bit your penis, Taco Bell

A few short missed connections from around the world.

Missed Connection - Gambling on a fart #funny

A short story about first date that ended with crap.

ChoosingBeggars - Free logos, My Money, Pay Me #reddit #choosingbeggars

A short episode of choosing beggars about the demand for free logos, my dads money is my money, and you should pay me to take your phone.

Missed Connections & Choosing Beggars - Nice forearms, I'll kill myself, No reminders

A few missed connections from craigslist and of course more choosing beggars.

I am Very Smart & Bridezillas - Troglodyte, Segregated wedding, Pay per attendance

An episode detailing a few short stories from Reddit iamverysmart and bridezillas.

ChoosingBeggars - Free Photography, Need a farm, 10k<200

An episode detailing a few choice choosingbeggars. Searching for a free veteran photographer, need a horse farm for free, 10k for 200 NOW.

Choosing Beggars & Rude Beggars - Extra Free, Seller Beware, Pretend Homeless

A episode detailing a few select stories from Reddit. A person expecting extras at a restaurant for free, a buyer buying for less than selling price but asking for additional hardware, and people pretending to be homeless to make a buck and attempt free rent.

Choosing Beggars - DTF, Baby shower, Serious Cuddles No Monogamy

A short episode telling the stories of a woman's demanding Tinder profile, an entitled expecting mother, and a man looking for serious cuddles without monogamy.

Choosing Beggars - Personal Ads, Sales, and Inheritance

Three stories selected from Choosing Beggars on Reddit. A raciest personal ad, typical something for nothing buyer, and begging for Inheritance.

Bill's Special Jar

A short story about Bill's special jar.

Facebook & No Lube

Comical jabs at Facebook, Facebook marketplace, and people that use Facebook a bit too much


Two short stories of true WTF

Choosing Beggars - Vanity

A short story read from Choosing Beggars on Reddit, the story is about a man having a yard sale that posted about it on Facebook. A Choosing Beggar expected him to deliver and set up an item.

Bad Customer No Biscuit

A short story about a customer I had recently

Entergy Recommends Soured Milk

A rant and short story about the unannounced all day power outage in my town yesterday that was scheduled weeks ago but they failed to notify us.

Welfare Junkies

Why shouldn't we drug test for welfare?

Trump Trump Trump

A quick rant about today's headlines and politics

Depressing Headlines

A short compilation of the weeks depressing headlines

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